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You can help changes the life of a Cambodian child living in poverty.

Please consider giving.


If you would like to make a donation to a specific project we will send 100% of your donation to the project of your choice.

We are very conscious that every penny spent should  help a child in need. Donors can be assured that our administration fees are kept to an absolute minimum, thereby maximizing the funds available for DSO projects.


$10 – Every donation counts and in Cambodia your UK pound, Euro or Dollar goes a long way! When you make it a monthly donation it becomes $120/year!

$20 – Your donation will provide a child with a school uniform and school supplies for the school term.

$30 – Cover the $1 a day cost of food for a vulnerable family. When you make it a monthly donation, it sustains that family year round!

$40 – Your donation provides a child with fresh food and clean water from a local market for the month.

$50 – Buys a bicycle for a vulnerable child living outside the community to give them transportation to school.

$100 – Staff Sponsor.  We are so fortunate to have a team of dedicated staff – your donation pays a monthly salary!

$150 – A one off donation helps DSO provide a safe nurturing home for our most vulnerable children. By making this a monthly donation you can sponsor a child and receive regular updates on their progress – for more information click here (link to child sponsorship page)


$500 – Can build a classroom in the community where children can learn close to their homes. We are always expanding and hope to continue building better facilities for our students.


At DSO we offer a Child Sponsorship Program for young Cambodian children who were previously at risk of violence, abandonment and trafficking.

100% of your monthly sponsorship fully supports a child.

Your contribution of $150 a month will provide:

  • Access to education
  • A safe home and family support
  • A balanced diet and fresh water
  • Counselling and medical care

Sponsors are matched with a child in need and will receive photos of their sponsored children as well as regular updated on their progress.


You can give a one-off payment to sponsor a child for their whole childhood.

This will pay for sponsorship for a child until they are grown up and independent. Additionally, every birthday $10 will go into a savings account for your child when they turn 18.

There is flexibility in the amount and duration where required. We will arrange for you to receive all the usual sponsorship communications with your child including a photograph and regular updates.

If this is something you’re interested in, we’d love to hear from you. Give us a call on (+855)10402226 or email us (vannak@dsocambodia.org ) and one of the team will be happy to help.

Note about childhood sponsorship: Occasionally children do leave our sponsorship programs for a variety of reasons. Should the child reach independence or leave our sponsorship programme before the sponsorship has finished, we will use the remaining funds for other projects, and you will get sponsorship information of these projects.

DSO is a registered Cambodian NGO (Register No: 1189) focused on childcare and education, particularly with respect to underprivileged children living in the slums in an around Phnom Penh. The DSO is  also a Rotary Australian World Community Service (RAWCS) project (project No: 7-2013-14) with all proceeds going directly to the nominated RAWCS project. RAWCS is an Australian tax office designated gift recipient (DGR) allowing tax deductibility to Australian donors.

Similarly, DSO is an Omprakash partner allowing donations from all countries and with respect to USA donations these are also tax deductible.

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  • Our wish list of items needed for the DSO.
    No Items Quantity Unit Price Amount Remarks
    1 Books, Pens, Pencils, Rulers 1000 ps  $        0.25  $         250.00 To support students who have no writing materials
    2 Bags 250 set  $        7.00  $      1,750.00 Supporting students who have no bags
    3 Shoes for students 250 shoes  $        3.00  $         750.00 For every day use.
    4 School Uniforms 250 uni  $        7.00  $      1,750.00 For Students at DSO and in the communities.
    5 Desktop Computers 10 set  $    150.00  $      1,500.00 For students learning/practicing computing skill (Second hand or New)
    6 Laptops 3 set  $    500.00  $      1,500.00 For staff use
    7 Digital Camera 1 set  $    950.00  $         950.00 For taking photos and producing child case reports
    8 Desks /filling cabinets 3 set  $    180.00  $         540.00 For staff office use
    9 Tables/chairs for students 30 set  $      13.00  $         390.00 For small kids to sit and study (new class)
    10 Bicycles for students 30 set  $      50.00  $      1,500.00 For students to ride from home to school where they live far away from school
    11 Classrooms 2 class  $  1,000.00  $      2,000.00 To expand the project with  more students to obtain benefit.
    12 Rice 10 bages  $      25.00  $         250.00 Nutrition Programme/Use for supporting families in emergency cases.
    13 Equipment Maintenance 12 months  $      15.00  $         180.00 All equipment maintenance (e.g. changing lamps, fans and computer supplies, etc)
    14 Playground 1 set  $  3,500.00  $      3,500.00 For DSO students and children from the communty to relax
    Note: All item prices are estimated only