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Here at DSO we have a very simple idea: that education is the key to lift children and their families out of a life of poverty. No Education, No Change.


At DSO we work with the Cambodian public school system not against it. All DSO students are enrolled at their local public school where they attend classes half a day, Monday to Saturday. We work closely with public school teachers and the child’s family to monitor each child’s attendance and progress. In addition to public schooling DSO offers supplementary classes to help children brush up on their studies as well as teaching classes outside of the Cambodian public school curriculum such as computer skills and English language.

Each DSO school is built in the heart of impoverished communities, giving children from even the hardest to reach communities access to education on their doorstep.

School Equipment

DSO provides students from impoverished families with the correct study materials, uniform and transportation so that they can attend public school.

Life Skills

Here at DSO we provide life skills classes to teach children about a range of important topics and develop important skills needed for successful independent living. These classes vary from nutrition, hygiene, gardening and finances.

Extra support

To ensure children who have missed years of schooling, or in some cases never attended school, aren’t left behind we offer one on one tutoring and extra classes so that they feel confident in public school and can reach their full potential as quickly as possible.

Cultural Education

During the Khmer Rouge regime Cambodian culture was nearly wiped out. At DSO we are proud of our Cambodian heritage and keep Cambodian culture alive for future generations through aspara dancing, khmer music, traditional games, cookery and art. 

Sports Program

We provide sport activities to ensure our students stay happy and healthy and to help build their confidence, leadership and teamwork.

Vocational Training

We help young adults and school-leavers find safe and non-exploitive employment training that will help them earn a secure income and receive invaluable work experience to help them start their own business or seek employment in their field of expertise in the future.

Higher Education

We believe every child has a right to higher education and we strive to make dreams of university a reality by supporting university fees and the cost of educational materials. We maintain regular contact with all our university students to monitor progress towards their degree and ensure they land a successful job after graduation. (Find more Photos of Khmer new year at Photo Galleries)

Adult Workshops

We provide a range of educational workshops for adults in the community, including sex education, financing, parenting workshops and alcohol support groups. We also offer adults within the community vocational training and funding opportunities to enable them to realise their potential and create small businesses so that they can generate their own income and support their family financially.

Staff Training

We believe that great teachers create great students and at DSO we provide regular training workshops to all our staff to aid their personal development and better the education of our students.  Our workshops include lesson planning, anger management, child protection and early child development.


We work closely with NGOs, local people, government officials, tourists, partners and donors to deliver educational visits/presentations and spread the word about the importance of keeping families together and children in education.

Child Club

We’ve decided to create a DSO self help child group where the children can bring any problems or issues they may have. Sometimes children may experience family or social difficulties and in these circumstances may find it easier to seek advice and support from the child club. The child club will work in the communities with the full support of the DSO.

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