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  • Our Classroom Campaign

The DSO currently runs and operates a school for disadvantaged children from the slums near the Dangkao landfill south of Phnom Penh. There are currently about 80 students who come from the surrounding community and the slum areas near the dump site.

The DSO is looking to expand this school to accommodate up to 200 students providing a mix of English tuition and computing skills, in addition to the limited community outreach program currently in operation. We would also like to provide skills training to adults and youths to enable them to find jobs more easily and reduce reliance on aid creating a more sustainable environment.

We aim to build 3 more classrooms, in addition to the existing 4 classrooms, to accommodate the increase in student numbers. We are also trying to secure another 10 desktop computers.

The DSO has also identified a need for similar educational and community services in Toul Sambou (a relocation site). It plans to establish a school in this area as soon as funding permits.

Funding remains the key constraint to provide existing and planned services. Securing such funding and donor support is a priority both to ensure the success of DSO projects and in the form of individual child sponsorship. Volunteers are also required to supplement existing staffing.

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